“To Inspire People and Communities to
Celebrate their Passion for the Outdoors”



To enthuse love, passion and understanding for the outdoors and the environment we live in. To ensure that no one misses out on exciting outdoor experiences, which helps foster growth, both personally and at a community level. To create products and services that inspire and ignite a passion for the outdoors, and/or thatcelebrate the same. Our clients are fellow outdoor enthusiasts who are keen to share the wondrous joys of the outdoors in all its glory. To encourage people and communities towards a greener world, through a better understanding of our surroundings. To celebrate that inner voice, the voice of the heart, the call of the wild; To celebrate with all the passion, the drive and the attitude to be outdoors.

The Pack

Rajesh Ramakrishnan A chartered accountant, with close to 16 years of experience in the business operations consulting space, found a second lease on life as he traveled across the globe. This was inspired by the great outdoors and stirred up a passion in photography, wildlife and travel. It is to share this inspiration with the larger community, that he actively founded Wolfpack Outdoors Pvt. Ltd.

Aravind Venkataram Ironically, Aravind has spent 15 years in the “Outdoor” Advertising business, but it was when his job took him travelling across the country that he found new light in the outdoors. A keen wildlife and travel enthusiast, he is eager to share this new passion and inspire people to explore the outdoors.

Arun Nayaham Arun has led many a team in the ITES field for over 20 years, but it only led him soon enough to give it all up and follow his passion. For 25 years, he has been an avid trekker and an environmental enthusiast. With age comes credibility and wisdom, which has led Arun headlong in to promoting his truths and to ensure that the wonders of nature are safeguarded for future generations.

“To Inspire People and Communities to Celebrate their Passion for the Outdoors”