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Our Story

We are here to bring attention to Indian Wildlife and support Conservation Efforts across the country. Who you buy from matters. Support local brands that care about the planet. 

Leopard Graphic Barasingha GLOWING TIGER BIRDS IN FLIGHT CAMOUFLAGE Black Panther

Wildlife Matters


As coasts & forests are eroded, ecology ruined, and climate change effects start taking root, what we do is more important than ever. Wolfpack Tees are designed for people who care.


Sustainably Made

Earth Comes First

Sustainability at Wolfpack


Absolutely loved the whole place and its vibe. Bought a few gifts for friends as well as myself. 

Hiral Kothari

Really interesting concept and true to its roots. Loved their stuff

Remedia Fernandes

I ordered the Tees because of the prints and the quality, guess what, I totally love it!! I can travel happily now

Navith Shariff