Celebrate the Outdoors!

April 04, 2015


There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate.  - Robert Brault 

For far too long, chasing targets and reaching goals have blinded us to all the celebration around us. So much so that like most of us, we forget that there is often more satisfaction in the creation of an idea. The words above fell upon ignorant ears as we were far too occupied with staying ahead of the race. So there we were, just regular Joes and Joneses going about our daily lives until our first trip.

To Travel is to Celebrate:

That’s the thing with travel. The beauty and magic of travel has definitely become mainstream; yet with every trip, one can only nod in agreement with all the clichés. Yes, travel opens your mind, lets you see new things, do new things, learn new things, well; it might even just change your life.

And so it did, when we went on our first wildlife safari in India. With our eyes opened to a whole new world, the outdoors was beckoning. Bitten by the travel bug, diseased to wander, we travelled all over the country seeing beautiful new people and places. We learnt so much and most of all we learnt to believe.

Travel teaches you many things about the world and teaches you so many things about yourself. You learn to take a chance, you learn to do things, but most of all you get the guts and the gumption to do what ever you really believe in.


A Celebration Called Wolfpack:

We have a pet peeve for wildlife and the environment. For us, it was like seeing first hand what we had only seen or heard through the media. The beauty of the outdoors had us hook, line and sinker. And even though we mostly traipsed around the countries national parks, on our journey, we met many an adventurer, many a traveller, and many an enthusiast from all walks of life. For the first time, we were meeting people who were into so many different outdoor activities. They each enjoyed their own thing, but the reason we all connected is that somewhere underneath, there was a common love for the outdoors. For a pristine world filled with natural delight. Beyond individual activities, be it wildlife or hiking or swimming or kayaking, it could be anything, but it required you to have a basic love for all things outdoor.

And we noticed that we all felt restless, when we reached back home. We wished we could have captured the gorgeous outdoors and bring it back home. Because every traveller knows, that you must return home.

This is when we decided to create something that would celebrate what we now know and love the most. Our passion to ‘Celebrate the Outdoors’ has drastically changed our lives for the better. Wolfpack is born! And we continue to create collections that inspire you, that remind you of the wondrous outdoors.

‘Why a wolf?’ quite the many have asked. That’s the thing about wolves; they are extremely passionate animals. Their familial ties are like that of humans. They live among the ones they love. And if you notice their hunting, it’s not about fighting with each other to claim a prize, but working together to grow together. If that isn’t a celebration, what is?

So we decided to stop being sheep and following the herd. Just like that, we decided to run with the wolves and we are now, the Wolfpack. And this is not our destination, but our journey – to Celebrate the Outdoors. And to do our little bit, in trying to save the beautiful outdoors by taking conversation mainstream.

So if you have an attitude towards everything out in the open, upon this beautiful earth, then you are already a part of our Wolfpack.

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